9600GSO the way to Go?

Specifically, this one:


If it wasn't for the gddr2, I think I'd be all over this one already but I'm not exactly sure how that will affect the performance on this card. It does seem to compensate a little by offering 1 gb of memory but still, it's ddr2 and not ddr3 like other 9600gso's.

I've read taht XFX is a good brand and they build pretty good quality cards. The heatsink on this particular one seems good but some people are talking about high noise levels. The noise doesn't bother me so much, so long as it keeps the card cool but the efficiency does bother me. Apparently, it's on 100% all the time so that might effect my power drain.

The two games that are bundled with it are a definite plus and may be disillusioning me to buy this otherwise mediocre card.

For a final price of around $70 dollars though, could I find a better deal?

I'm thinking about either this 9600gso or this 4830 (4770s are a bit out of my desired price range and they're out of stock anyways)



This is mainly for 1440x900 gaming by the way. Highest settings on old titles (Source based) or medium to med-high on newest titles is what I'm going for. I know I won't be getting highest settings on new titles at this price range (or will I?)

I'm pairing this to be card with an e5400 overclocked to 3.5
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  1. 4830 all the way. IF you do decide you would rather go 9600GSO, you absolutely want GDDR3, not 2.

    EDIT: Also, 1GB of VRAM is a gimmick on anything less powerful than a 4870 or GTX 260 level card.
  2. avoid any card with DDR2 ram (be it 256mb or 1GB) unless you enjoy watching slide shows rather then playing games.

    the 4830 is perfect for very high settings at 1440x900 res
  3. Yes the 4830 is in a higher bracket compared to the 9600 GSO, it's actually just very slightly faster than a 9800gt.

    It has been leading the price/performance chart since release and is unlikely to be beaten on that until they run out.
  4. Or you can have my used 9600GSO for 40 dollars shipped...
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