After partition recovery windows shows raw file system?!


I have a WD MyBook Essential 1TB, which device somehow deleted the existing partition (there was only 1). I was able to recovery all my files with R-Studio before using EASEUS Partition Master.
Now after the partition recovery - EASEUS told me it was successfull - the recovery softwers recognise my partition as an usual NTFS file system and both R-Studio and UFSExplorer can read the whole content without any further scans, but not the OS windows7. It shows RAW file system.
How could be solved this issue? (I don't want to delete and format it, so I don't have to copy again 850GB of data, since the MFT looks like OK.)

Thanks in advance.
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    download get data backntfs, and partition table dr 3. run get data back for a min or 2 then stop it. look for index.dat file copy it to a place other than the drive. run partition table dr then use the replace index function and replace it with the file you recovered. your full drive should be restored under 10 min

    thanks for the reply. partition table dr from EASEUS? it has been discontinued, and does not support win7 according to the previous system requirements, but can it be used?

    - ptdr doesnt run in win7, but I can probably run as a bootCD
    - which command should I pick in GDB? when can I find the index.dat file then?
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  3. According to your description, under windows 7, your partition becomes RAW. RAW file is a form of a drive or partition before formatting. After the formatting, it will change into NTFS or FAT32, which now can be recognized by windows 7.
    Therefore, in your case, you are supposed to format your partition.

    Of course, as you have done, you need a recovery program to restore all your data there at first and then store the recovered data on another storage device and at last format your partition.

    However, your recovery result seems not to be so satisfying. Maybe, you cannot choose the right one. You can apply a free recovery program to take a chance. I have ever tested it before. It is exactly the rare one that can scan your lost data far more carefully. Moreover, it is free.

    (You can get farther information about recovery things in this text: External Hard Disk Is now RAW File System)

    And after the recovery, you must store it on a different partition or storage device. Otherwise, it will reduce the possibility of recovery success.
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