P7P55D severe SATA Issues

So I got myself an upgrade consisting of an

Asus P7P55D
Core i5-750
4gb Kingston RAM (apparently compatible according to their compatibilit list)

I previously had 2x Samsung 250GB SATA drives and now also bought a Western Digital 640gb SATA drive. So I can pretty much rule out that the problem is any of the drives themselves as they worked perfectly when I put my old hardware back in installed Windows XP.

Now I am having severe problems with the harddrive performance. For starters, the boot process is not very clean. Everything is fine until the Windows XP loading screen. It will load normally, but once it has finished loading, my screen is black and I have to wait between 10-30 seconds for it to either go into windows, or not do anything at all.

Once in Windows, the HDD performance is EXTREMELY poor. Copying a 350MB file from drive to drive, or even just from folder to folder on the same drive takes about10 minutes. The same applies to extracting zip or rar files. However, copying from an internal drive to an external USB drive goes at pretty much normal speed. Furthermore, opening FireFox from an idle state for example, takes 15 secs. I also get minifreezes when I juggle more than 2 folders/firefox windows. I can't even browse my harddrives and run Winamp at the same time. The sound will freeze for a few seconds and then continue when the folder has finished loading.

From a driver's point of view I installed the following:
Latest version of:
Chipset Driver
SATA Driver
Audio Driver
Graphics Card driver

Programs installed:
Just the essentials really:
WLAN Stick

I also did a memtest running each 2gb module separately. I got no errors.

Futhermore I tried installing Win7 64bit. The installation goes fine, but when booting the first time, it gets stuck at the Win7 loading screen and nothing happens.

All the hardware gets detected correctly. Nothing is overheating. The cabling is fine. I even switched it around to double check. No different results.

I did not fiddle around with the BIOS settings prior to installing Windows. Now I played around with a handful of settings (most were SATA unrelated) but the result is the same.

Does anyone have an idea what could be wrong? I am slowly losing my patience as the first board I got a few days ago was broken and the replacement is giving me different issues now.

Thanks in advance for any help/pointers
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  1. did you install intel matrix drivers if so make sure you use 8.8 instead of 8.9
  2. No, I have not installed those drivers. Are they necessary? I don't use RAID or AHCI
  3. quick question: do one of thise hdds have an OS from your old system?

    i have the same board and encountered a similar problem trying to use my old hdd form my previous system (windows would not load) then i installed xp on an entirely new drive > it worked, but then started hanging at xp logo if i plugged in the old hdd to use as a slave in order to retreive some important files.

    my remedy was to perform a repair on the old hdd with xp on it in order to get rid of the driver discrepancies from new components and old stuff on hdd...
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