Best gpu on a 300W psu

an older computer my friend has has a 300W power supply in it. he'd rather not upgrade his power supply. what's the best pci-e card he could get that'd run on a 300W psu?

he'd like to play cod4 at relatively high settings, and i told him to get a new psu. if he had to, what psu/gpu combo would be cheap and perform well?
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  1. if he doesn't, a 4670.

    if he does and wants really good cheap, a 4770 + some reasonable 400w psu.
  2. How old of an older computer are we talking? power supplies arent as efficient as they get older so he may need to upgrade just to get upto a 4670. Whats the rest of the system look like because if its got a power hungry processor he might be pushing it. If he is willing to do a PSU upgrade corsair has a 450 cheap right now.
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