Should I lower the voltage on my RAM?

I have 4x1gb of PC6400 Crucial Ballistix RAM 800 mhz. I ran Memtest86+ overnight for 8 hours and it came back this morning with 3 errors total (see this thread

I was talking to a Crucial support person on live chat and she said to hardset the timings of 4-4-4-12 and 2.2V in the BIOS settings instead of leaving them at "Auto". Is 2.2V excessive if my FSB is 1066 (266 quad pumped), and my memory is actually running at effectively 266 mhz x 2 = 533 mhz (not 800 mhz)? I don't want to fry my RAM.

Also, this ram is rated to be fully compatible with my motherboard and I do not overclock.

CPU: Core 2 Duo E6400
Mobo: Asus P5B Deluxe w/ WiFi
Video Card: ATI X1950XTX

Any help would be much appreciated, thanks!

Also, below is my conversation with the live chat person:

mike: asus recommended that i run it at 2.2V with timings of 4-4-4-12, and hardset these specs in the BIOS
Mona : Correct.
mike: should i do this even though the ram does not run at the full speed of 800 mhz?
Mona : Let me check.
mike: my FSB is 1066, which is effectively 266 mhz quad pumped
mike: so my ddr2 ram would be operating at 533 mhz, not 800 mhz
mike: and some people on forums suggest setting it at 2.1V
mike: and i do not overclock at all, for what it's worth
mike: and also, i ran a program called memtest86+ overnight (not sure if you know of this program or not), and it came back this morning with 3 errors, but i plan to run it again with some hardset timings and voltage tonight
Mona : Run the memory frequency at 400MHz, manually set the voltage a 2.2 if you run CL4 and lower for the CL5.
mike: what's CL5?
mike: and how can i run the memory at 400 mhz? wouldn't that bottleneck my system?
Mona : 3 errors is not bad as it would be thousands if the memory was bad.
mike: i see, yeah i figured 3 wasn't that bad at all
mike: but what did you mean by running the mem at 400 mhz? would i have to change the fsb:ram ratio?
Mona : If you run the voltage at 2.2 set the timing as 4-4-4-12, if you run the voltage at less then the timing need to be set at 5-5-5-18.
mike: however, i'm not sure how to change it to 400 mhz.., would that be effectively 200 mhz double pumped to 400 mhz? or 400 mhz double pumped to 800 mhz?
mike: and lower timings = higher performance right?
Mona : These questions are more Techy then I have knowledge of.
mike: ah, okay
mike: but you said run the ram at 400 mhz, what did you mean?
Mona : By setting the voltage at 2.2 it will run at the 400 MHz.
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  1. While 3 errors might not look that bad, it also means that data corruption could occur.

    Her advice is correct. Run them at the rated specs of 2.2V. Set the frequency to 400 MHz (which effectively is 800 MHz).
  2. If I run them at 800 mhz (400 mhz, double pumped), would this cause damage to my FSB because that only runs at 266 mhz (quad pumped to 1066 mhz)? How could I go about changing the FSB:RAM multiplier? It's an Asus P5B Deluxe Wi-Fi and I have no idea how to do this... although I will check later tonight in my manual.

  3. Set the DRAM frequency to Auto and the voltage manually.
  4. What does DRAM frequency mean? Is this the ratio?
  5. In the BIOS under the Advanced tab, there should be a menu like Jumper Free Configuration or AI Overclocking. You can set AI Overclocking to Manual and then set the DRAM frequency, etc. That should all be in the manual.
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