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My children forgot there password to their computer its brand new pc and has windows 7. I did not do the back up password disk Help I have a copy of windows 7 to reinstall but I already tried by putting it in but it doesnt take to install..any suggestions...
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  1. Password bypassing/hacking information is prohibited on the forums simply because we cant tell who the owner is and we might be providing a thief information to gain access to a computer they don't own. Although I recommend you call the company you bought it through and provide proof of ownership to them and ask about password recovery.
  2. Thank you Is there any way I can just dump it with out the password and just reinstall the new windows disk? Also if the computer is a dell to I call them or best buy who it was bought from?
  3. I would call Dell for assistance.
  4. If you just purchased the computer, you should be able to restore it from the restore partition hidden on the computer. Google that model and find out what the code is to do a system restore from the hidden partition, it varies my manuf and model ...OR... make sure your CD/DVD player is the first boot device in the bios and insert the windows 7 restore disc. When it says press any key to boot from disc, hit a key and there you go. Good luck, Ive locked myself out playing with the account settings once, had no way to login, that sucked alot.

    Caution - Doing a wipe and reinstall will delete any files you have on there. So be careful.

    NOTE: Just because the first part of his question is a no-no, we can be helpful and help him with the second part if he just wants to re-install. Everyone always assumes everyone is a pirate and thief.
  5. Thanks for the info Dell was no help I did not have software coverage...Wonderful! I am just going to try to dump it so any suggestions to do this would be great.. Everytime I turn it on it goes straight to password setting even with the new disk in...
  6. Hi

    With most modern Dell PC's pressing F12 just as PC BIOS messages start takes you to a one time Boot Menu where you can choose which device to boot from, or run diagnostics.

    eg select optical device (such as Win 7 DVD. to re-install Windows)

    Better before Re-Installing Windows Leave it a little latter to end of BIOS messages and press F8 and start in safe mode
    This will start up in a special version of Windows. It will ask for Local Administrator password

    On Windows Home this is often null (eg not set so press return).

    If this lets you in then create a full admin account for your self and a restricted account or admin account for your kids.
    make sure you know the passwords for these accounts then reboot back to normal Windows


    Mike Barnes
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