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Strange issue installing SATA DVD burner

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December 12, 2010 3:36:11 PM

My IDE DVD burner recently stopped burning so I bought a new Lite-On DVD burner drive, which is SATA. No problem, since my mobo has plenty of SATA ports available (mobo is a Gigabyte GA-P55M-UD2). Originally I had the drive hooked into the G-SATA port (controlled by the Gigabyte SATA controller) and the computer was working fine, disk burning and all. Then earlier this week my wife was on the computer and it shut down on her. Not a graceful shutdown, just like a power disappears shut down. I thought that maybe I had left the power cord lose and didn't think much of it. Then today it happened again. I cracked open the case and started looking around. All of the connection seemed fine, but when I would power on the computer it would get past the BIOS and typically shut down when trying to load Windows. I unplugged the new DVD drive at the drive side and the same thing happened. Finally after thinking something was wrong with the power supply (Antec 550W) maybe being overloaded I was thinking about going to get a new one to test with. Then I thought, well this started with the new burner so I'll put the old one in to test. I hooked up the old IDE burner and the computer powered on and stayed on. So obviously it's the new burner. Or the motherboard really wants an IDE device. I'm not sure if it's the IDE thing or the burner, any thoughts?

Some other things to note is that I have 2 HDD attached to the Intel-controlled SATA ports on the mobo and are set in a RAID1 and are working great. I also tried 2 SATA ports on the mobo (both were part of the G-Sata controller though) with the new drive and got the same result. I'm going to look at the mobo manual for ideas in the BIOS but the fact that it just shuts down is very weird so I thought I'd look for ideas.


UPDATE: I decided to keep messing around and put both drives in. At first I had the SATA in the top bay, and the IDE in the second and it powered off after POST. Then I unplugged the SATA and the same thing happened. I swapped them, same thing. Then I moved the SATA down to the third bay and kept the IDE in the first bay. And it booted successfully. So that makes me think there was some sort of short created in the case (the SATA drive is about 1 inch shorter than the IDE) but it's still weird to me. I guess as long as it works...

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December 12, 2010 8:51:56 PM

I think I would use the Intel SATA (P55 chipset) port for the new burner. But it sounds like you solved your problem.
December 13, 2010 12:13:13 AM here's another, much worse, update. I had the SATA drive in the third bay and the old drive in the top bay and the computer stayed on without issue for about 6 hours including 2 or 3 stints in sleep and returning fine. Then when I was on the computer just browsing it shut down again. This time it wouldn't power on again. So I figured it was time to swap some parts.

I took out the Antec 550W power supply and put in a new Thermaltake TR2 600W. The same thing happened, it got through the POST and started to load Windows and shut off again. So it's not the power supply. I unhooked the Thermaltake to get it together to return and put the Antec back in. And now it won't even POST. It blinks on for less than a second and then goes right down. I had a similar issue when I first built it when I had the 24pin power connector on the mobo but didn't have the secondary 4+4 pin EPS connector. It was almost like it wasn't getting power to the mobo. I checked all of the pins and they look straight and fine. I hooked the Thermaltake back up but the same thing was happening. So now I'm leaning towards the mobo itself, which is a bummer since I have the RAID and losing the controller kind of sucks. Any other thoughts?
December 20, 2010 1:08:40 PM

Turns out it was the motherboard. I swapped the Gigabyte for an ASUS and everything came right up without any issue. The moral of the story is never buy Gigabyte.