Power Supply Support For This Motherboard?

Intel BOXD5400SX Skulltrail E-ATX Motherboard

PC Power & Cooling PPCT1200ESA 1200W

If These Are Not Compatible, Please Let Me Know Which Power Supplies Will Support This Motherboard. Thank You.
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  1. Actually, your motherboard is the one component not included in the power needs calculation. It's complicated when you first start.

    See here http://extreme.outervision.com/psucalculatorlite.jsp

    Remember that you should multiple the answer that this calculator gives you by two. It says so at the bottom. The reason is that PSU's are most efficient when the energy draw is between 40% and 60% of the PSU's maximum rated output.

    See here if you really want to understand more about PSU's. http://www.hardwaresecrets.com/article/181/1
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