Possible ram timing problem?

Hey guys,

I've recently upgraded my cpu (from C2D E6600 to C2Q Q9450) and have been having problems ever since.

First I was getting errors within seconds on Prime95 along with application crashes and blue screens. So after sending it back, having it tested and it being fine, I bought a new heatsink + fan and raised the voltage a little and it *seems* to be running stable on low ram usage in Prime95 (1st test option).

Now when I try and run the high ram usage tests it errors in around 3-6 mins.

I've got 4 sticks of ram, 2x1GB Elixir stuff and 2x2gb OCZ Gold.

I've tested each stick of ram one by one and they still error..

Is it a memory timing problem? I've tried multiple timings: 555 - 15, 555 - 18, 555 - 12, 444 - 12

and they all seem to error. (firefox also crashed twice just trying to post this!) Running out of ideas now :S

any suggestions?

thanks in advance!

p.s the ram was running fine with my old cpu, even after trying the new cpu, then replacing the old one (with cmos resets each time).
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  1. Without knowing exactly what parts you are running a good answer is impossible.

    Motherboard not compatable with 45nm quad-core?
    Need Bios up-date?
    Wrong DDR voltage?

    Please post your specs so someone can help you.

    First, put your 2X2GB sticks in and reboot to Bios and set 'Load Optimized Defauts'
    Wording might be different in your Bios but you will find it. Click on it, , Save to Bios, Reboot.
  2. My bad, I should have listed the specs.

    Mobo: Fatal1ty FP-IN9 SLI

    CPU is supported with a bios update to 1.6 (latest) which i've done.

    Currently have the voltage at 1.9, which is stated on the side of the OCZ sticks.

    Just testing each stick with memtest atm, i'll see how that goes and load defaults after.

    Thanks for the help.
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