Windows 7 Fails to Complete Burn

OS: Windows 7 64bit
DR: Optiarc AD-7241S

When burning a data CD (or data DVD) the progress bar showing how much time left until completion opens, but disappears after it show about 15% complete. Then the completion window disappears and the CD continues to burn, and burn, and burn. The only way to stop it is to reboot the program.

System File Checker (SFC) reports that everything is okay.

An alternate CD/DVD burning program (reported to work on Windows 7 64bit) was installed--free version of BurnAware. The program fails to respond when it attempts to verify that a blank CD is installed.

Finally, when Windows is rebooted and another blank CD is inserted, it reports that files are waiting to be burned and gives me the option of deleting those file from Temp.
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  1. Try with a different CD/DVD Drive.
  2. house70 said:
    Try with a different CD/DVD Drive.

    How did you manage to diagnose that it was the drive? Or are you taking a page from the garage mechanic's handbook of replacing parts until the problem goes away.

    If you have a specific way to verify it's the drive please share.
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    From what you have reported, 2 different programs have tried and failed to initialize or to finish the burning process. Windows keeps the data in it's cache, so I don't believe addressing it is an issue. SFC reports all good, so what's left is either a drive that has a lens carousel problem or media that is not fully compatible with that drive (less common, but it happened to me in the past). I just used deduction, you should try it sometimes.
    No, I'm not a mechanic and I don't appreciate being jumped on for a suggestion. Feel free to take it or leave it.
    Good luck, buddy.
  4. We're all here to learn and share what we've learned. I do appreciate your follow up reply. Do consider from a learner's perspective your first answer was condescending and dismissive. Your second answer helped a great deal.

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  6. You're welcome. Hope it all works out for you.
  7. Spoke with a Sony technician who supported the idea that it is a hardware problem. He said, "The disappearing progress bar is a good indicator that something is wrong with the drive. Normally an error code should be reported if there is a problem, but since it is disappearing and that the CD keeps spinning indicates that the hardware is not receiving the message to shut down."
  8. Thanks for the info. Sounds like a new drive is really needed.
  9. Thereby hangs a tale. The drive was purchased from Amazon last April. Both Amazon and Sony confirm that there is a one-year warranty on the unit. However, each company is pointing at the other for warranty coverage.

    I have phoned at least five different departments at Sony and made two calls to Amazon. It honestly feels like I've fallen through Alice's rabbit hole.
  10. Sony did finally contact me about diagnosing the problem and suggested downloading a program to check the drive. After running I was able to verify that the drive was okay and the problem was a software issue.

    Used recovery to convert the registry to several weeks ago, then used Systweak's Advanced System Optimizer. The CD has returned to normal function. Just wish I knew what made it go wonky in the first place.
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