Gtx 280 or gtx 275

Ok so here's the thing, I'm currently putting together a computer for myself, mainly for gaming, but i've stumbled upon a little trouble along the way. The more i read about this the more confused it makes me, so i decided to ask here hoping to get a clear idea on what to buy.

I'll be playing at a resolution of 1920x1200 and would like to run everything as high as i can, so which one should i buy.

I'm on a budget so i'd like to keep prices as low as i can but im willing to pay the 320$ (canadian) for the gtx280, and maybe put out the extra cash for the gtx 285 if its really worth it but the gtx 295 is out of the question. I'm also considering the 4890 from ati, i like both ATI & Nvidia but I'm looking for the best value/performance for my needs
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  1. Ok... the GTX 275 is basically a GTX 260 core 216, but upgraded to the full 240 shader processors, but the bus width and memory remains the same (448 bit, 896 MB)

    The GTX 280 is the full-featured one, with the same 240 cores but with an bigger bus and memory (512 bit, 1GB)

    To be honest, there isn't really a mammoth difference between the 280 and 275 in benchmarks, so if you want to save that money for some other parts, get the 275. Or, get a gtx 260 core 216, which saves you more money, and again, the difference isn't that big, only a 2-3 fps difference.
  2. If you are willing to pay for the 280, then go for it, but I did hear about 300 series coming out, so if you want to save for that, go with a gtx 260 (or cheaper).
  3. thanks guys, will definitely take this info into account, I'm starting to lean more towards the gtx 275 right now, but i think for the extra 20$ since its currently on sale , I'll probably get the gtx280
  4. Best decision or my decision is to save for the new GT300s coming out this year.

    its like there's a 100 fps boost then you reflect on your purchase of GTX 275/280/285 and you're like FAIL!!!
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