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Hello everyone. I am building a PC and a i can't get the image from the graphic card to the monitor.
I have a lga 1366
x58 p6t deluxe v2
3x2gb - Patriot DDR3
Georges 280 gtx
Wester digital 1tb and 1 old hard drive with only 80 gb
PSU - RAIDmax, 630 Watts
Zalman Fatality - case

i changed also the graphic with other that doesn´t use pci express cable to test, and it works perfectly, so i think that it´s the cabble of pci express, or should i change the PSU? Im receiving a new PSU with 720 Watts, will that be suitable and solve my problem?
How can i know how much Watts my computer need from the PSU?

Hope some one help me,

Thank you
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  1. Check the 12v rail rating on your new power supply. It should be at least 40 amps or higher when all the 12v rails are added together. A single 12v rail may work best. Corsair has some of the highest ratings among the various brands. Also be sure to use the proper connector from the ps to the video card.
  2. First of all, thanks for replying,

    I was checking other articles, and i found something about the amps, i think that this PSU i got doesn´t support all amps required.

    Here in RAIDMAX RX-630 PSU, have 3 lines about 12 volts.
    First says that +12v1 maximum load 20.0 A, so it holds only 20 amps (right?)
    Second,12v2, with 18.0 maximum load. So i think this shitty PSU doesn´t handdle the amps that my graphic card Geforce gtx 280 consume.


    In this article, it says that Geforce gtx 280 current amps is 17.0A, if that is true why this PSU (RAIDMAX RX-630) that i got can´t support it?

    Anyway, i will wait for my new PSU, Thermaltake W0117 ToughPower - 750W, i guess with this PSU there is no problem right?

    Best Regards
  3. If you add all the rails together, then you will have more than 20 amps. Some ps have 2 or 3 12v rails.
  4. o1die, thanks again for replying, i think im starting to get the main idea of the PSU and the rails, but i need to read more about the volts and amps etc etc. Anyway i will wait for the new PSU then ill try again. but thanks anyway for helping.
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