Guys i have got a problem for 2 weeks . I am using asus n50vn laptop after turn on pc about 2 hours later while im using it on desktop cursor is locking and then a few seconds later screen is turning black and after that a little white square seems on the on the top of the screen at same time when all this things happen hdd light isn't flashing but its not happening when i all turn on my pc. Sometimes im using it without any problem for 5 days sometimes its happening day by day. I checked hdd for any error with hdd tune pro but its also didn't find any error i don't know
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  1. It's most likely overheating. Once the video card starts doing this, it degrades further and further, giving you more frequent problems. Make sure the back and underside are ventilated.
  2. i think its not about overheating because my laptop inside is so clear.And i did stress test with prime95 it mostly loaded to ram and 3 hours later pc locked again. I don't know its because of cpu or ram Is it can happen because of thermal gel maybe i must refresh the gel
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