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So I have an ASUS P6T (regular) motherboard, and im pretty sure it has mostly the same specs as the Deluxe version. But I'm wondering what the Marvell SAS RAID controller is?

It says there are only 2x SAS SATA slots. I can't recall, but I have 2x Hitachi 1TB's in RAID 0 right now, and two crucials m225 128GB SSD's sitting in my drawer right now (I don't have a screwdriver...I'm in my apartments at university) but I was wondering does this mean im limited to 2x drives in RAID unless I buy an additional controller?

No right? Because when my comp starts up I see its using Intel's Matrix storage I guess that just leads me to ask what SAS RAID is? And how its different from the Intel Matrix's? Thanks in advance.
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    SAS is typically Serial Attached SCSI; they are expensive server hard drives.

    Please see my other posts on this board, reconsider doing RAID on a workstation PC. The expense and complication are there, but the benefits just are not.

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