I7-930 max temps for overclock?

Hi everyone,
I've recently been messing around with overclocking (carefully messing around) and got my i7-930 to 3.8GHz 181x21 with 1.206v.
My load temps are about 70C in prime95 with cooler master hyper 212+. What are the maximum temps I should have for long term stabillity while overclocking. I do know that at 3.5GHz its only 62C, and 3.3GHz brings it to 58. stock speeds with 0.99v keep it at <50C...so yeah.
Basically, is my temperature too high??? I'm planning on keeping this for a long time.
Idle: 38-40C
Prime95: 70C
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  1. Your temperature should be OK, but I'm not an expert. If you want it to last a long time (>5 yrs), overclocking is the wrong thing to do.
  2. Although the 212+ is a great heatsink, you are at about the point where it will start to struggle, as you noticed yourself, with the settings used for just 300 MHz less drops temps significantly.

    For a 24/7 OC I would likely leave it at where it currently is, do remember that come summer, unless you have AC your room temp will rise and so will your CPU temps.
  3. Yeah, you're fine in that temp range. Do you have turbo mode on? Hyperthreading?

    I have an I7 930 at 3.8 with turbo off and hyperthreading enabled my temps are:

    idle: 26C (chilly in my apartment!)

    Prime 95: 76C

    Keep in mind that the higher the temp, the faster a chip will degrade. Having said that, these chips are workhorses and should last 5 years if you keep it out of the mid 80's C. Most people choose to upgrade by that time since most of the other components will be outdated by then.
  4. OVER 9000 DEGREES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Seriously though 62C is fine and 70C isn't too bad for Prime 95 when you consider that your CPU won't really be that taxed under normal usage and gaming. Prim 95 is more of a worst case scenario.
  5. As long as your P95 temps stay 80 C or below, you're fine
  6. Thanks everyone!
    @lothdk: I have AC, the temperature now in my house 74-75F, and in summer it's 78F...
    @barthendalot: Turbo off (i'm not sure about that, I know I turned speedstep off), hyperthreading enabled
    @megamanx00: ur right, gaming temps, depending on the game (I play CoD4, NFS, BFBC2), range from 53-57C, and I don't game all the time, so, really, the only time temperatures even get close to 60C is when gaming.
    I do occasionally do video editing for youtube though (pretty light) and some video converting for iPod, and that doesn;t stress as much as Prime95 either...
    Looks like i'm good!
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