Raid causing serial ata problems

Have a SATA blu-ray/DVD drive. When I have the RAID mode for the onboard ATA device set to RAID mode (in BIOS), neither Windows installation NOR the MSI BIOS can see my blu-ray/DVD drive. If I change the RAID mode to IDE in BIOS, then both BIOS and Windows can see my blu-ray/DVD drive just fine. So, how can I configure my SATA hard drives for RAID, AND still be able to use my SATA blu-ray/DVD drive, because as soon as I enable RAID mode it disappears, and when I put it in IDE mode I can't utilize RAID?

this is a new install for windows vista (64bit) so there is no OS installed when I try to install it via raid it says it can't find cd/DVD-rom drivers. Updated bios to newest version as of 10/16/09, and still have same problem.

Running msi 709gx-g65, (bios version 140) AMD phenom II x3, 8 gigs kingston ram, 2 -500 gig western digital hardrives

Thanks Thomas
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  1. Are you saying the dvd drive never see's the vista dvd when bios is set to raid, never, or not after first reboot. If it's the later, not after reboot go into bios after first reboot and set bios to boot from hard drive first. It's not all that unusual for the bios to not display a raid drive but it should be visible in the boot sequence screen.
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