Booting OS from Expresscard SSD set up

Has anybody on this forum successfully booted an OS from an Expresscard SSD?

And if so, what is the correct selection to make when changing Boot order in BIOS?

I am backing up my entire system right now, so can't go back into BIOS, but when I checked some of the options I had were ATA HDD0, ATA HDD1, USB .. and PCI .. . The non-enabled options also had ATA HDD2.

Since this is a laptop with only one HDD slot (Lenovo x200), I figure my internal SSD is the ATA HDD0?

And then the Expresscard SSD should be the ATA HDD1? (The card was present when I performed BIOS).

Is this correct? Or should I be looking for something else, which is, or isn't listed?

Thanks in advance!
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  1. my guess would be HDD2.

    You could take the hard drive out and see if you can boot of the express one
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