Need help,cant get vga signla on striker ii extrme gtx 260 550w psu

hi guys,
i need your input to see what the problem is,
i built a system which has a

core 2 quad q9650 3.0ghz
asus striker ii extreme 790i sli
asus geforce gtx 260 graphics card
550 watt psu
500gb western digital hard drive
corsair 2x 1gb ddr3 xms3 1333mhz

my problem is on the 1st boot i cant get a signal to my monitor and the lcd poster goes as far as det ide and then the next message is "error msg"

everything lights up fine and no beeps or anything etc.
also i watched the gtx 260 and its fan never starts up so im wondering is the 550w psu not giving it enough juice to start up hence no vga signal to my monitor

any advice is appreciated guys,
im tearing my hair out all day lol.
hope to hear from you all soon and i can give more info if needed

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  1. yup, all connectors are fine etc.
    been googling all day to find a solution. im starting to think it may need a better psu but then again its only one gtx 260 im powering
  2. Depends on the PSU. Wattage is not the most important factor.

    Still, just about any PSU would get you through the POST, unless it's just bad.

    Could be a bad card or even a bad slot.
  3. ok guys i think i may know what it is,
    hte gtx needs 32 amp i beleive and i only got a single 12v line to 6pin connector going into it which is only carrying 18amps so im buying a second 6pin connector to add another 18amps to it and then it should have enough juice in her to start up
  4. jackalxxx said:
    yup, all connectors are fine etc.


    You can lead a horse to water, but ya can't make em drink :lol:
  5. ok i got the system up and working perfectly,
    prob was i needed 2nd 6pin pcie power connector so that got the 36 amp in to power it up,got xp installed sp2,all drivers and utilities, empire total war,perfecctt!
    got crysis warhead going for my crysis test,worked brilliant
    and then bam! whole system shut down!

    found the problem, the psu i got with the case was a low end 550w and it blew on me,couldnt handle the power needs by the gpu during crysis im guessing.

    so pc wouldnt restart at all,even after 20min just a thud when you press power on,nothing.
    i put in an old 350w psu and it started up no prob,shut down as it was only 350w and i just wanted to see was it the psu so im ordering a corsair 650w at the moment.
  6. Good choice :)
  7. man i was so pi**'d whe nit shut down on me, i was into my 1st 10min of crysis being amazed by the graphics lol, at least the psu didnt take anything else out with it,cheap ass psu >< corsair here we come
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