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So basically I'm looking at Motherboards and I know that AM3 uses DDR3 and AM2+ uses DDR2. My question is that if it says that its an ASUS AM2+/AM3 Mobo with DDR2 1066 standard, can you still put some DDR3 1600 memory in there? or do you have to have a AM3 mobo specific.
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  1. Check the mobo stats and see what is required. If it says DDR2, then that is all you can use.
    Some mobos where made with separate slots to use one or the other, some only accept one.
    But you can't put DDR3 memory in a DDR2 slot - they are physically different to prevent such a mistake.
  2. No you can not, if you want use DDR3 you need a AM3 mobo, or some AM2+/AM3 support DDR3 but the manufacturer isn't too good.
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