My first attempt at building a PC! :O

Hi Everyone!

I am attempting for the first time to build my own PC but I am not totally confident in what memory to buy and I was hoping some of you may help me out!
Hopefully after all this I will be a little wiser :ange:

With this PC I was hoping to find a good balance between cost and performance, so far I have decided to go for (and already ordered!)

-AMD Phenom II 955 3.2ghz Processor
-Sapphire ATI 4850x2 (2gig version)
-GA-MA790XT-UD4P Gigabyte Mobo

But with the DDR3 memory I wanted to go for something that performs pretty well, is a reliable brand and not TOO expensive (approx. £120 for 4gig, this can give or take depending on recommendation).
Most the DDR3 on the compat list for that mobo seem to be brands I wouldnt be 100% using or lower grade...... but I'm no expert.... So if someone can make some suggestions on good DDR3 that would be compatible that would be great!

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  1. Actually G.skill and Kingston are both quite reliable, but that's just what they happened to test.

    However, this lower voltage lower latency Mushkin is sure to be a winner... Your CPU only really uses 1066, anything beyond that is wasted.

    Oh you're over there... let's see:
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