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Gaming FPS Problem

Last response: in Graphics & Displays
May 20, 2009 4:42:46 AM

Hello, i am experiencing a problem in my pc, whenever i play a game, dosent matter which one the following happens:
When i start up the game, everything is fine, the game starts everything fine also(Fps around 100), and all of a sudden the fps randomly switches to 9 - 12, and there is another problem when i boot my pc up, sometimes the monitor says "Input Video Device", after lots of tries i boot it up. Anyone got some solutions?
Here are my pc specs:

ATI Radeon x1650 512mb
P4 3.0GhZ
1,5 GB RAM

PS: Once i opened my computer to take the 512 mb ram chip out, becaouse i thought that it was fried and that was the caouse of this problem. I started then up my pc everything was then working fine. Buy after a week or so the problem showed up again. SO the problem wasnt with the RAM. My guess is that the cooler has some problems, but it seems to work fine, i mean at least its rotating. And my other guess is that something overheated and melted. But i dont know, some advices or answers plz?

Iv already done the following without result:

1. Formated my PC
2. Taken out my 512mb RAM
3. Taken out my 1GB Ram and put the 512 back in
4. Taken out my Vid card and plugged it back in
5. Taken out my Vid card and used defaoult vid card of the motherboard (The booting seems to work, not one booting error, but lactancy in games and in videos such as YouTube vids)
6. Searched in the internet, and i found nothing

And now i am trying toms hardware, lets see if i get some relys :D 

Thank you Erik :D 

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May 21, 2009 2:19:14 AM

Your graphics card is going out or so it sounds.Or maybe your Power supply is starting to fail.But if you have tried the latest drivers and all the above all I can suggest is a new graphic card.Sounds as if when ever you start playing your game it put's a strain on your card and if it's failing it will slow you fps dramatically.
May 21, 2009 2:47:07 AM

Use Gpu-z to monitor the temps of your gpu at idle and under load. Post the results once you do.
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May 21, 2009 5:03:40 AM

Also, verify that the power cable is seated properly on your video card. (if applicable, some models do not require the cable)

September 29, 2009 6:23:03 AM

Iv checked the temps of my gpu and they are around 50-70, I think thats pretty normal for a GPU. But here is by bet, the CPU seems to at 80-90C. IM going to repplace the stick fan to a Zalman one(i dont remember model) and replace the thermal compound too. At least that should take the temps down. And if that dosent work I screw it, gonna buy a new pc in 6 months.(waiting till 6 cores come up).

And if does work I will post the results here

Thx guys