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friends before some days my hard disk got crashed and i formatted and reallocated the size ... But after that only i came to know that i forgot to take back of my uncle marriage function photos from HDD . and there is no back up for that... please help to retrive that 200 MB photos from the HDD . i was cornerd so pls Help me guys ...
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  1. You can try booting into windows using something like a BartPE disc ( You will then be able to view the contents of the hard drive. If the files are there you can copy them out. However if you formatted and re-installed windows and other software, I doubt you will find much. Give it a try. Until you do this stop using the drive. Every time you use it there is good chance any remaining files will be further over written. Just had another thought, here is another recovery link
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    TestDisk ROCKS!!!
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