Inserted wrong RAM burnt motherboard? Computer does not boot, no beeps, just led

I tryed to put in a DDR2 and DDR Ram at the same time in the computer! Anyways, was a bad idea! After I put in 512mb of DDR and 512of DDR2 and tryed to turn on the computer! The computer started for about 5seconds and then blank, a little smell like from moboard. After I unplugged it and plugged it back in it came on, I mean just the leds on the tower came on, does not react to key pressings, screen does not come on?! Tryed taking out the ram and trying one at a time, doesn't help! The rams do not look damaged! Motherboard fried, no signs on the outside! What should I replace!
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  1. both!
    you fryed both mobo and ram.
    what where you thinking, ddr, ddr2, how can you do that and not think that it would not burn.
    lol!!, it is not my habit to Laugh, but this takes the cake.
  2. upgrade.. time get a new motherboard memory and cpu... might as well take advantage and upgrade.
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