Rasa 750 RS240 WaterCooling Kit vs. CoolIT 240


I am looking to make my first foray into "watercooling". Could some one let me know the pro's and cons of the Rasa 750 RS240 WaterCooling Kit and the CoolIT 240. I like them mostly because they are both relatively cheap. I have read the reviews online and its seems that each of them is decent watercooling unit but I would like to know what you all think.

Thank You
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  1. get the RASA
    all Coolits are rip-offs, crappy and not real water cooling
  2. id like to know how coolits are 'not real water cooling'
  3. agreed!
  4. The largest arguable flaw the ALC ECO system has is that it is non-moddable. It uses an aluminum radiator with uniquely attached hose. If the pump fails you have to replace the entire system. Aluminum radiators are shunned in most builds due to galvanic corrosion occurring (copper waterblocks) without chemically inhibiting water-glycol mixes. CoolIT has already compensated for this as their system is completely sealed.

    Meanwhile the RASA kit is completely free-form. It is simply a convenient bundle of off the shelf parts. Radiator, pump and block can be swapped out at your leisure. The radiator is brass/copper so there is no worry of galvanic reactions occurring. If you decide you want to start watercooling other components you already have the groundwork laid out.

    Also, the RASA outperforms the ALC ECO outright in a head to head temperature competition.
  5. Anybody know how loud the Rasa pump and fans are.?

    The main intention of the move to watercooling is to reduce noise
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    id like to know how coolits are 'not real water cooling'

    Rasa is very quiet and will outperform the CoolIt or Corsair H50/H70 by a large margin. Those all-in-one LCS coolers use liquid, but it's a sealed loop with a weak pump and limited by radiator size and low flow rates.

    Real watercooling consists of separate, stand alone components that work interoperably with any other brand of components given that they all conform to the given tubing size and mounting specs for your hardware. You can swap out a single component for a better/different component...or add more to your loop as you wish. Temp/cooling performance is far better with a full loop, and you can expect temps on CPU's to drop as much as 20-30C at full load and GPUs to drop by 30-40C at full load...depending on individual setup.
  7. RX kit is for low~ medium rpm fans ,you can always replace them from org.
  8. Look at you ortoklaz...with the SkinneeLabs sig link. :)

    But yes, Rasa is quiet and good performing as-is. Many who have the 360 even have a GPU block running in the loop as well, with some higher CFM fans. There is an entire group thread over at OCN:

    Take a while and read up on some of the actual users.
  9. The fans will be the first thing I replace.

    I willl check that thread out.

    Thank You
  10. NP...I am rubix_1011 over at OCN as well. I'm still fairly new, but there are a lot more users and an actual watercooling forum. I'm also over at forums as well...again, same user.

    Tom's is like the Radio Shack of forum users in most cases; you can find some basic information, but outside of that, you'll need some people that know what's going on. There are only a few of us at Tom's that really have the info and experience. There is a lot of misinformation and misunderstanding on this make sure you double check your sources and always seek a 2nd or 3rd opinion.
  11. Look at you ortoklaz...with the SkinneeLabs sig link. :)

    now you don't have to scramble and look for the links ,just click on it..better than."tiny url.." lol :hello:
  12. Haha...touche. :)

    I had to tinyurl them because the last URL got cut off in the sig box.
  13. I'm gonna start linking people to your user sigs now to save time ;)

    If Tom's forums is to Radio Shack, then Steam Hardware forums is to...? (not sure if I want an answer)
  14. Feel free.

    I'm assuming you meant me. :)
  15. I'm just sick and tired of all this LC guides that are all based on hard work and time some guys are wiling sacrifice for testing,..etc. Martin ,Cameron and all others need more recognition.
  16. That's a fact. I try to reference the pros and people with greater knowledge than me when n00bs are looking for a place to start.

    Most probably don't read it...but a few actually will soak it up.
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  18. I will let you know that I started reading some of the links you provided and now I have a million more questions! LOL!

    I will continue to do more reseaech before I bug any one else.

    Thank you everybody
  19. Yeah, the best thing is to take in as much as you can before making any decisions. The more you know, the better you are able to get a mental plan both short and long term in place. If you can start thinking mentally how you want everything to run, look and perform, you are getting pretty close.

    The more knowledge you have to base your questions and concerns from, the better we can help you to make some specific decisions about components and theory, and address complex design and installation questions
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