Arctic silver 5?

I was thinking about getting an i5-2500k to oc, and the cpu cooler i chose is the cooler master hyper 212.

I know it comes with a thermal paste of its own, is that one any good? Any dramatic difference(~$10) between that and arctic silver 5? I'm only going to over clock it to 3.8~4.0 ghz
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    AS5 requires 200 hours of cure time (See AS5 website). Shin Etsu gives same performance (see 80 way TIM test), no curing issues.
  2. the stock TIM from CM will do the job... i wouldn't recommend spending right now... check the temps first under load in OC... using AS5 or shin etsu MAY bring down the temp by a couple of degrees...
  3. i would recommend IC Diamond ;)
  4. MX-4 is the best.
  5. +1 for IC Diamond.
  6. ic diamound is conductive and has a curing time of 200 hours
  7. The IC Diamond 24C I have is not conductive nor does it need to cure longer than 2 hours.

    IC Diamond 7C is also not conductive and also requires only 2 hours to "cure".
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