Need Help Building a Gaming/Blu-ray PC (budget USD 1400-1600)


BUDGET RANGE: CAD $1700-$1900 (about USD $1400-$1600) budget is slightly flexible

USAGE FROM MOST TO LEAST IMPORTANT: Gaming is the #1 priority, Will also be used to play Blu-Ray

PARTS NOT REQUIRED: keyboard, mouse, monitor, speakers, OS

PREFERRED WEBSITE(S) FOR PARTS: Preferred sites are and

PARTS PREFERENCES: Preferably Intel and Nvidia, but if there is a better AMD and ATI build and cheaper I'm open for it

PARTS OWNED: I am building from scratch.


SLI OR CROSSFIRE: Single card for the time being with option of updating to 2 cards later

MONITOR RESOLUTION: 1920x1080 (40 inch LCD TV)

ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: I leave my computer on almost just about 24/7. So something that can withstand being on that long is essential.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well if it is OK to hit the ceiling of your budget, then you can get a i7, 6GB 1600MHz with BD Burner, GTX 285, 1TB HDD, Corsair 750TX, Antec 900...

    CPU -

    Mobo -

    RAM -

    HDD -

    BD Burner -

    CASE -

    PSU - Can handle upto GTX 285 SLI

    Graphics Card -

    CPU Cooler -

    Totals - CAD 1917...
    The above is the best you can get...

    But if you want to save some money without much sacrifice in performance, the you can change these...

    CASE -

    Graphics card - Even this could drive the 1080p resolution very well for the current games...Actually I would suggest you get this rather than the GTX 285...

    If you want just a BD player and not a BD burner...

    So the above changes would significantly bring down the cost....
  2. Check out
    They have a price matching option and you can find good deals there too...
  3. Hmm...nearly the same components except the case... :P
  4. Thanks.

    Both of these builds are great and are similar to what i had in mind. Of the Antec 900 and the Storm Sniper Case, which offers the best cooling. I've looked at both cases and the Antec 900 has more fans, but the Storm Sniper has less fans that are bigger than the Antec 900 fans.
  5. Both the cases are very good...But I feel the Antec for that price is a good deal...
    And for that price of the CM Storm, I would get the Antec 1200 if you want better air flow...And you get a full tower...
  6. Both cases fall into the "overkill" category for cooling.

    The Cooler Master HAF 932 $180 would be the direct competitor to the Antec 1200. Both of those cases fall into the "massive overkill" category for cooling IMO.

    You can find good reviews on all of those cases. I'd suggest you read a few, compare the features and styles to what you want from a case.
    Antec 900/902/1200 reviews - CM Storm Sniper reviews - CM HAF 932 reviews

    If you want to look at good case that also costs less look at the CM RC-690 $90 - CM 690 reviews
  7. may I suggest using a P2 940?

    it would save you a load of cash and for what your doing you wouldn't see much performance difference, the motherboard and cpu also use less power so it will save you on energy bills aswell since your running it 24/7.
  8. I'll end up going with the Antec 1200 when I place the order next week. P2 940 is a good suggestion, but I rather the i7 920 even though it has a higher power consumption. Thanks again everyone for helping me put this together.
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