A New Graphics Card to Replace an Overheating Old One

Back in 2006 I was given a Dell Dimension 9200 which has been good to me over the years. It however now requires a new graphics card. The old one(an NVIDIA GeForce 7900GS) overheats repeatedly causing graphical tearing in most 3D Games. At Idle right now it is runing at 56*C which quickely rises up to 60-70 whilst playing games. At around 60 the graphical tearing starts.

I'd like my new graphics card to be able to run any source game, of course the ability to run more modern games would be nice but it is not necessary.

My budget is £50-£100. Although i'd like to see what i can get for £50-£70 i've seen some reasonable looking cards for that price.

The problem is that I am a hardware newbie. I just do not get along with all the abreviations and compatibility problems. So it is safer to ask the community here.

So can anyone recomend me a graphics card?

Btw, I had to type this twice the Dell completely overheated and BSOD whilst I wrote this the first time. This time im writing it on my laptop :D
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  1. Well the best bet would be the ATI 4670...It doesn't require any additional power and can run the current games at decent resolution...And would be a good jump from that 7900GS...
  2. See The HD 4770. else Hd 4670 HIS IceQ version
  3. Agree with the others here: Either the 4670 or 4770 would be good: Your system has, according to Dell a 375W powersupply, so no worries with either card.
    I do not know if you have done this yet, but I would suggest you strip out the system and give it a good clean before buying, perhaps the CPU is overheating as well.
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