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I have an ASUS P5Q Pro mobo with Realtek Sound and I'm on Windows 7. I always had my headset plugged into the rear jacks. Now I got 5.1 speakers and want to use them together with my headset so that I plug the speakers into the rear jacks (3) and the headphones and the mic into the front jacks. (So that the speakers turn off when I plug in the headset). The speakers work fine in the rear jacks.
At first, the Realtek Audio Manager didn't show me any connected front jacks.
Then I changed the BIOS Setting to AC97 jacks (which seemed to be right), and that made them lit up in the Audio Manager. But there is still no sound coming through, and also, when I disconnect them (and reboot), the jacks are still marked as "plugged in". I wanted to do the "disable jack detection" trick, but in the current version of the drivers, there is no such option...

Can anyone help?
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  1. Try uninstalling then reinstalling your Realtek audio control panel. You've used the Vista drivers/installers as well.
  2. Hm, I tried reinstalling and using the beta drivers, but no help.
    Also, I know a guy who has the same mobo/case combo, and it doesn't work for him either with Vista or Win7.

    Is this a known/accepted problem?
  3. I bet its the Frontpanel wich is only ac97 compatible...
    by default it is set to HDaudio in BIOS...try to set it to ac97 Frontpanel in
    BIOS...it helped with mine and dont worry, it just switches compatibility...sound will still be inHD Quality..
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