Will Xigmatek HDT-S1283 fit nice with my ASUS P5K SE?

My idle temps are 40 and 50 (core1&2) on my E8400. From my understanding thats too high for idle temps so I'm looking into it and in the meantime thinking about purchasing a Xigmatek HDT-S1283:

My question is, will this heatsink play nice with my ASUS P5K SE motherboard? I know my case is large enough (Raidmax Scorpio) and yes the heatsink is compatible with LGA775 processors but I just want to know if anyone knows from experience or word of mouth if this HSF conflicts with any of the dimm slots or with the northbridge. :o

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    SantiMun, the Newegg reviews mention some YouTube videos on installing it. I would watch those. Go to the website of Xig to see how it orients on the cpu, where the heat tubes stick out. One reviewer mentioned having to remove a heatshield from his RAM, so it can interfere but you need to view pics of it installed to tell for sure. Unlikely any cooler will be in the way of un-shielded RAM.

    The website may give full dimensions for the cooler. Even if it doesn't you can do some estimates based upon how far the base sticks out compared to the size of the CPU - you can measure your own CPU to get the estimate.
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