Hp6480 driver window 7

I downloaded from the HP site the drivers for the HP 6480 printer for Window 7. However the printer does not print. When I try a test page, it comes through the printer, but no print is on the page.
The window on the printer showswhat looks like two ? marksabove the twoicons that looks like tear drops. I can't get rid of the ?. Any idea?
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  1. Sounds like an incorrect driver.

    Is your Windows 7 64bit or 32bit OS?

    Did you download the correct dirver?

    Also when you mean the window on the printer, do you mean the printer itself? That little screen on it? Have you tried powering it off then back on?

    Also how is your USB cable? I've previously come across USB cables that were slightly damaged and would not allow any USB device to work when connected with it.
  2. Was the printer recognized? Any error?
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