Starting to get random, hard lock-ups/freezing

A couple days ago I started getting random, hard lock-ups where everything would freeze, no BSOD. I had to restart my computer manually. The freezes do not happen that often. Sometimes two days apart, sometimes one happens, I restart, then it does it again. At first I thought maybe it was the TLB erratum rearing it's ugly head so I enabled the bug fix because I have been running with it off. But, it still had a hard lock-up after I enabled it. I don't think its overclock related because when I was testing overclocks, I would always get a BSOD when I found a setting that did not work when testing using something like Prime. I have noticed that it tends to happen when I am browsing using firefox. I have never had a hard-lock using anything else such as games, 3dmark, etc. I do think my AVG antivirus may have locked it up one time, not positive on that one.

Any ideas? I am currently running MemTest on that computer in question while typing on my laptop.
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  1. Tell us the results of memtest, and you overclocked a phenom?(bravo, but u cant really stabily oc those :) and what cpu do u have?
  2. Memtest was fine, no errors. I'm running a Phenom 9600BE at 2.7ghz, 1.4volts. My overclock runs prime95 for 8+ hours no problems. That is why this is weird to me. I would think if it was going to lock-up, that would be the thing to cause it. Not browsing with firefox. I reinstalled firefox so all I can do is wait and see. Its frustrating that I cannot figure out how to replicate the lock-up and then find a solution from there. Also, I have the TLB fix enabled.
  3. Hmm,no error messages of any kind?? ..If it were my computer,, I would reinstall right over existing,or use my ghost image,sounds like a file somewhere has been snafued,OTOH if you are not feeling comfortable with AVG you might go to and try AVIRA it too is free..:)
  4. Prime95 has two tests. Small FTT, means your vcore is fine, but not your entire system. Blend would test overall system. I always do both tests, along with LinX or IBT.

    Easiest way to determine if your OC is unstable. Just set everything back to stock and run it for a few days.
  5. Just to give a little more detail, when the lock-up happens, I can still move the mouse cursor around for about 10 seconds, but clicking on anything at all gives no response. That is how I know it is about to happen. Like I will be scrolling through a web page, and suddenly it stops. I'll move the mouse cursor around, even try the start button, but nothing. Then the mouse cursor locks as well, and I need to manual reboot.
  6. Still having same problem. Did it to me again after running fine for 2 days straight. I even ran Prime again for 12 hours. Could my Windows 7 install be corrupted? I also tried reinstalling firefox and avg virus scanner.
  7. Was hoping for some more insight.... Anyway I just reinstalled Windows 7 because I was still getting random lock-ups. I am hoping this does the trick. Any chance it was a corrupt registry that would cause my problem?
  8. I may have had a breakthrough in finding the problem.

    I was browsing the internet and I got that dreaded lock-up where nothing I click on responds but the mouse moves around for roughly 5 seconds and freezes. I'm about to flip out because I can't figure out the issue and then suddenly the screen flickers to black and comes back with the "Windows has recovered from a video driver crash" message. So I guess the video driver is the issue? I find it strange that this is the problem. I did a fresh Windows 7 install with latest ati driver two days ago but when this problem started a few weeks ago, I had never gotten the "video driver crash/recovery" message......
  9. This may not be the source of your problem but I had a Microsoft optical usb wheel mouse that was defective.Most of the time it worked but there was something defective in it like in the wiring.The red LED light would shut off and then the mouse cursor would completely freeze up.It acted that way on other PC's as well.I took it apart to see what was wrong (like perhaps a solder joint became loose so I could just re-solder it).I didn't find any broken joint so I just threw it away and used the other one I had.Never had a problem with that one.
  10. Uninstall firefox and reinstall. It sounds like firefox to me. Or some kind of program or driver.. but you say it happens during firefox? So I'm just assuming firefox.

    Reinstall anything that you think may be running during your internet surfing freezes, or anything that isnt running that is liable to start itself up at any given moment
  11. revert the OC ...... IT IS THE PROBLEM!!! The Phenom I was highley unstable when OC'd. I have run into this problem exactly before (with the same processor and lockup points.) All tests show good results but still hard locks with video driver issue. The processor cannot communicate correctly after a while (Phenom I instability issue.) Just revert the OC and all should be well. If you want extra speed get a new processor - i.e.- Phenom II 940/945/955. AMD's linup is pretty good AND cheap right now.
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