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So many people say "AMD sucks and Intel is the best!" and such, other say the other way around. So it turns out that some people like AMD and some like Intel. Some people even start getting into big fights and yelling that one is better than the other. I, for example, favor AMD. Not because Intel sucks or anything, but because the performance is good and the price is low. In my opinion AMD is great, they make great powerful CPUs and they sell them for a reasonable price. I think that Intel is also a great company, their CPUs are no wore than AMDs, maybe even a little better. But the bad thing about Intel is that they sell their CPUs for very high prices, they rip people off. Now if you have the budget and want to go with Intel, that's great. If you're building a budget PC and want to go with AMD, that's great too. The thing is that a lot of people just hate Intel or Hate AMD. I love them both. I'm happy that both Intel and AMD exist for one simple reason...Competition. If Intel didn't exist AMD would have been way too overpriced...if AMD didn't exist then Intel would be way overpriced. So by having both of these companies the prices stay to a minimal. It would be bad if one or the other didn't exist.

Anyway post your thoughts here...I want to see what you guys think.
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  1. flame bait much?

    anyways, Intel offers the highest performance CPU's, at a much higher price because AMD can't compete. AMD is forced to have low prices on their processors in order to maintain customers. Yes, AMD processors offer good performance for low price (I use one) but Intel offers the highest performance (I would LOVE to have an i7!!). And yes, they do slightly keep eachother in check.

    thats all i have to say

    and they were actually going to release an e8700. for more!!!!
  3. Posting in troll thread.
  4. AMD, as I recall, was founded with Intel's help. U can't start a microprocessor company just like that, its not a popcorn factory. Also, 2 brands don't make a competition. Intel and AMD probably work closely together, to keep the balance. Do u really think that AMD can't make an i7 competitor? Its better to share the cookie, not to fight over it. BOTH BRANDS ARE GREAT. Simply because its just them. This post would have been much more interesting if there were 5-6 processor brands. Imagine that...
  5. If I were a millionaire, to be honest...I may still buy an AMD, because I am a sentimental sucker. Intel may offer the best quality, but AMD's performance for value is outstanding, and unfortunately I hear they do struggle. So I would want to support them. I have never regretted having an AMD CPU. I currently use one of their dual cores, and I had an AMD CPU in the computer I had before that.

    AMD :love:
  6. u cant say intel offers the best quality, quality must encompass multiple spectrums,
    intel has the performance crown, say that!!!!!!
  7. I totally agree with some of you guys...but to say that intel works with AMD would be wrong...they are two totally different companies. I prefer AMD because of the performance to dollar ratio. For instance I bought a phenom II X2 550 and unlocked all 4 cores and now have a phenom II X4 B50 with the performance of a phenom II X4 955. I only paid $100 for it. As a dual core CPU it performs as well as the Core 2 Duo E8400. (I know this becaus I have both PCUs.) Now for the C2D I paid around $164. When I unlocked the cores on my phenom II X2 it became twice as good. The 955 costs $245. So by buying the X2 and unlocking the cores to X4 I saved myself $145. Now who can say that intel could give me a more powerful CPU for the monney? I have a resonably powerfull quad core CPU and i only paid $100. I'm not saying that Intel is bad, it has some really nice CPUs like the i7, but I am expecting AMD to come out with something that'll blow Intels minds. And those who say AMD has low performance CPUs think again, the phenom II X4 has the performance of Intel core2 quads some would even say better than the C2Qs...but that's all debatable...
    If you're wondering about the unlocked cores, check these threads out.
    and this

    Post anything you have to say here, Thanks!
  8. If Intel was to release a processor that had cores locked, they would make sure they would remain locked, since they are locked for a reason. I guarantee that you will encounter issues sometime since you unlocked the extra cores.
  9. the last resort said:
    If Intel was to release a processor that had cores locked, they would make sure they would remain locked, since they are locked for a reason. I guarantee that you will encounter issues sometime since you unlocked the extra cores.

    Not to worry...threre's nothing wrong with them...I'm sure about that after hours of overclocking, benching and stress testing with prime95...the only thing is it runs hot and needs good cooling...but I love it! Can you believe that? 100 bucks!
  10. No, not happening, no.
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