I7 multi-socket motherboards

I am planning to build a new PC I don't change it often so I'd like to make a dream machine.. maybe not the best but almost.. So I am looking for a multi-socket(I supose dual) motherboard supporting i7 and the sad is I found none.. so my second option would be using intel xeon processors.. Well as you see I am lost at this moment so could ou help me? I am up to every brand by the moment I saw the intel's D5400XS but as I think you'd understand I am not really happy about it and I also thought about ASUS Z8PE-D12X but i am not sure at all.. I just heard about the last.. Well my priority would find one supporting i7 but I accept all kind of advises!
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  1. Dual socket requires Xeon 5500 series processors (and a 5500 chipset that supports 2 CPUs).
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Asus Intel i7 Socket Motherboards