Building a new rig for 3D animation and Gaming.

That's right, not only am I the garden variety loller n00b wanting the 1337 uuberest rig to play GTA IV (the last statement was a lie I have no interest in GTA IV), But I also want a decent computer to work on my studies for the 3D Animation field CGI or games I'm really undecided at this point. My application of choice is Maya.

Alright here is my build thus far:

- i7 920 model
- Nvidia GTX 985
- Antec 900 case
- Corsair 750W PSU (is that too little you think?)
- Corsair Dominator 6GB DDR3 tri channel kit
- Undecided on the motherboard because well... I cant find consistant reviews on any of the x58
- Artic Silver 5 thermal paste
- Some form of Xigmatec HDT 120mm heat sync
- I'm getting 2 monitors, I'm pretty undecided, but I'm leaning towards 2 LG W2600H-PF 25.5 inch monitors with a 5ms response time.
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  1. Everything looks good. gtx 985 I have never heard of that card is it quadro card or something of the sort?

    The 750w should do fine with your build!
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