Opening files in wmv11 takes long (xp sp3)

opening any video or audio file (wmv, avi, mpg, mp3, etc.) causes the computer to hang for 20+30 seconds with a swift intermezzo of 1 sec or less) and then plays normally, movement within video file no problem, completes fully. Any change of file same situation. Closing player hangs computer (= no mouse movement no alt-tab, no ctrl-alt-del possible) for another 15-20 secs. Same in WMP11, GOM Player, nero Showtime, VLC player. Only Quicktime opens smoothly, closes with hang-up. Reinstalled WMP, K-Lite Pack. Intel p4 2,8G, 1.5G RAM, loading from local HDD, until 14 days ago no problem, no Win Updates at a time of change, used MediaJoin for the first time by then but uninstall no change. Any idea?
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  1. Try temporarily disabling your virus protection to see if it is the slowdown.
  2. Hello, thanks for posting, disabling AV and firewall did not help, backup sw neither, I also tried to disable services/processes I suspected for causing this and no change. I unloaded all codec packs and codecs in Add/Remove Programs and further, however, WXP refuses to remove some of them (Control Panel/Sounds.../Remove). Strange.
  3. Try a different drive to run the files from.
  4. Thanks, tried another drive, same result. In the meantime I found out Adobe Media Palyer + f4v file causes no problem, it all appears to be a codec problem since calling same symptoms in different players and in Explorer View as well. Suggest to remove all of them "to the bone"? However, they do not want to leave my PC (e.g. Cinepak w/o uninstaller) via Sounds And Sound Devices/.../Video Codecs/Remove. Need to fix WXP first? Have a full drive backup but do not want to get that back in time and/or risk total data loss if restoration failed.
  5. You can try the K-lite codec pack, although I don't normally use these, this is the one I do use at times. EDIT - looks like you did use K-lite, so try a new setup on a drive, see lower).

    As a test, if you can pick up a new hard-drive, you can test a clean system build without having to worry about any issues with messing up the original system. Hard-drives now are pretty cheap, a fast 1 tb drive is 60-70, probably worth it to get back to a solid system.
  6. Thanks, hang-the-9, your proposal is the last step in trying to get it back to the normal behavior. Appears to be a codec problem or a player problem to me. I now intend to try to cripple the system by removing all and every codec in there and try to fix via repairing the WXP installation and/or adding just one codec pack. However, the computer still refuses to remove codecs, any hints before I use brute force and simply (shift-)delete them?
  7. How is your RAM/CPU load when you open the files?
  8. Cannot assess, since no action is possible and after that, there are no traces which pgm/process caused the hang-up. I tried process explorer, but all freezes for the 30+20 seconds and in the meantime nothing indicates where is the cause. WM Player consumes something, but it is natural since it opens the file undar normal circumstances as well. When I look at history, both cores show some 75-100 pct usage, memory no movement.
    The PC does not react to any action: Ctrl-Alt-Del, WinKey-Tab, nothing, totally frozen.
  9. Finally fixed!
    I gave different settings to multiple display control panel of nvidia (in control panels) and everything works just fine again. I used multiple displays settings (HP + TV; also before problem emerged) and I just went through different settings of this feature again and later on I unexpectedly found out it works again. Unfortunately I cannot identify which one it was but at least it might help somebody to look for the problem.
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