Looking for a cpu cooler for am3

I have a stock cpu cooler. I want to buy a decent one where I can overclock my cpu to atleast 3.6 ghz.

please suggest me one and one more thing, the cpu cooler should not block any of my ram slots because I will be using all the 4 slots.

I am using this cabinet.

http://benchmarkreviews.com/index. [...] &Itemid=61
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  1. Your link is broken, but nonetheless, it is hard to beat the price/performance of the Cooler Master Hyper 212+.


    Very good HSF that I have been very happy with (as have MANY others).
  2. Which cpu do you have? I'm guessing the 940 or 955? I agree with COLgeek though the Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus is the best at the price/performance range. But then again your gonna want to change the fans on the 212 plus and for quality fans it can range from $15-$25 depending on whichone you buy. So add about another $30 to the fans so really it'll cost you about $60 bucks for the Coolermaster 212 plus. But if you don't mind paying $15 more for the best Air Coolers go with the Noctua NH-D14 or Thermalright Silverarrow. Both of those include 2 quality fans that range from $25-$30 per fan so imo that's actually probably the better deal. You can get both aircoolers for around $75 at Crazypc.com
  3. I am using a 955 BE. the thing is I do not want my ram slots to be covered. I want to use all the 4 of them. does the cooler master hyper 212 plus cover up the memory slots on my motherboard.

    the motherboard I am using is Asus M4N75TD and the memory would be Corsair XMS3 1600 MHZ 4GB (16GB for all the 4 slots).
  4. I haven't had any issues with the 212+ interfering with memory because is has pretty good clearance built into its design.

    When looking at populating all 4 slots, I suggest you don't try to run at anything beyond 1333. Doing so will provide for a much more stable system and the performance difference is negligible.

    Last, what PSU are you using (planning to use)? Good power is a must for stable OCing.
  5. irfan88 said:
    I am using a 955 BE. the thing is I do not want my ram slots to be covered. I want to use all the 4 of them. does the cooler master hyper 212 plus cover up the memory slots on my motherboard.

    the motherboard I am using is Asus M4N75TD and the memory would be Corsair XMS3 1600 MHZ 4GB (16GB for all the 4 slots).

    Those aren't high ram sticks are they if they are you'll have a problem with most heatsinks. But i believe the Prolimatech Armageddon would probably work for you. This heatsink was made for that reason so it doesn't hit the ram sticks.


    Here's a video of it also


    benchmarks of the armageddon


    or you can go with corsair h50 or h70

    im also doing a build this April and i'll most likely be getting the Prolimatech Armageddon with 2 140mm fans attached. Only problem though is that you need to buy the adapter for the AM3 socket. hope this helps.
  6. well, we dont have the armageddon cooler in India. we mostly have only the cooler master coolers. Please suggest me one of those. I want to use all the 4 ram slots. currently I am running the memory at 1600Mhz. after I install all the 4 ram slots, I will underclock it to 1333mhz or 1066mhz.

    the power supply I am using is cooler master gx 750W (80 plus bronze).

    I have a cooler master elite 430 cabinet with 3 120mm fans.

    please suggest me a cooler that will not conflict with the ram slots.

    will the cooler master hyper 212 plus do the job or should I go with another cooler (performance) and should not interfere with the ram slots.
  7. Well see i don't have the Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus so i couldn't tell you if it works with all 4 ram slot but i do know for a fact the Armageddon will work or the Corsair h50 or h70 will work with all 4 ram slots. Also if you have a exhaust fan up top of your case you can probably put the fan blowing upwards instead of out the back of the case. I think that might help with the Cooler Master Hyper 212 plus. Here's a picture of it installed that way.


    the 2nd picture shows it the normal way blowing out the back of the case and this is with high memory heatsinks. He's also using a duel channel memory so if your motherboard is similar to this then i don't think it should be a problem..hopefully it's not...Only way to know now is to try it out or just buy the Corsair h50 or h70.


    Also if you can get the Thermalright Venomous X that might work also.

  8. I guess I wasn't more clear earlier, the 212+ works well with 4 slot mobos just fine. Just install your memory before you install the HSF, just in case. BTW, you can mount the fan on either side of the 212+. Really, it is not an issue unless one were to use VERY tall memory.
  9. Do you care about the noise factor of an upgraded air-cooling solution (especially push-pull configuration)? If so, then you should consider the H50.
    As mentioned above, it won't block any ram slots. Furthermore, it should perform on par with mid-high end air-cooling with a much lower noise factor.
    The only thing to keep in mind with the H50 is that you may need to change the direction of the airflow in your case (H50 manual suggests installing as an intake).
  10. thank you. Now I will get the cooler master hyper 212 plus itself with push pull configuration.
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