New Build - Unsure which way to mount CPU cooler.

Hi there,

I've started putting together my first built computer and am having trouble figuring out which direction to mount the heat sink.

I have a HDT-S1283, which has a fan, my motherboard is a Gigabyte GA-MA790GP-UD4H, and my case is the Antec 300.

The Antec 300 comes with two fans, one is installed at the top and another in the back.

The following is a picture of the motherboard.

So from the look of it the fan side of the heat sink can be either next to the antec top fan, or on the opposite side. Which would you recommend?[
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  1. Most would mount the cpu hsf so that it blows air on the rear of the case. I think you should do the same.
  2. I don't think it really matters, Just blow the hot air from the CPU at one of the two exhaust fans in your case. The 140mm fan would probably do a better job, so I think if I were to chose that would be my pick, but as long as the CPU cooler isn't blowing air down or towards your drives I don't think it will matter much.
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