How to put calculator on Windows taskbar

The calculator used to be visable on the left of my taskbar (just to the right of Start). Now, in order to reach it I need to first click on the double arrow button.
When that drop-down menu pops up, that is where my calculator now is. How can I get it placed back onto the taskbar (at the left) so it is viewable? There are currently 3 other icons showing on the left part of the taskbar, two of which aren't needed there. Thank you!
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  1. Maybe a silly idea but have you tried clicking right mouse on taskbar, select Properties, Lock main panel (first checkbox) on Main Panel tab?

  2. First, make sure the taskbar is not locked...

    Right-click the taskbar, "Lock the Taskbar" (un-check).

    Notice there is a small, vertical line just to the right of the double-arrow.. Click on, and drag that vertical line to the right slightly to make room for the quick-launch icons to all show.
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