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I built my computer years ago, and sense have lost the utilities disc that came with it. Using another computer, I have gone to the ASUS web site to download, but I'm not sure if I need to put them on a disc to get to work? or can i just use a usb thumb drive? I tried with a thumb drive to transfer the "lan" drivers and the "usb" drivers..and even "chipset " but after running programs I still have exclamations on ethernet controller, multimedia audio controller, video controller, etc in device manager. I cannot go online, doesn't show my onboard lan in network adapters. Help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. sorry, forgot to mention that my hard drive crashed and I just reinstalled Windows XP.
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    Download the chipset drivers from Intel as they are the newest. Did you download Marvell LAN Driver V7.29.2.3? You could also get the latest version from Marvell. I'd also go to the source for the SoundMax drivers.
  3. Thanks GhislainG..for some reason, my computer was saying it had Realtek when I was getting those drivers it wasn't working! I downloaded the Marvell like you said and all is good now. Thanks again!
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