Just Built, Small Problems (Well Bigish)

Here in a nut shell are my two main issues with my new build. I have an Average knowledge of Hardware etc.

-Restarts from BIOS cause my Computer to be hung up on the VGA part of Boot sequence (at least what it shows in Q-LED's)
-With 8gb of DDR3 installed (4x2GB) only 3.24 GB is acting as Usable and 4.8GB in Hardware.

Here are my specs:

CPU: I7 860 2.8GHZ @ 2.8GHZ
Mobo: Asus Maximus Formula III
BIOS: 901 (Just flashed for latest update)
GPU: XFX 5870 @ Stock
RAM: (4X2GB) Patriot Sector 5 1333mhz @ 1066MHZ (Having trouble getting it to 1333mhz at Stock Timings)PS
PSU: Corsair HX850W Modular
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate - X64 - 64-bit

Couple other small cards like Sound card etc but nothing that should be causing these issues.

Main issue is the RAM, I don't reboot from BIOS that often so it isn't a big deal though I would like to fix it.

I have read up on the RAM issue and it appears to be a thing to do With Windows 7 or something, and it said to make sure that Memory Remap is turned off in BIOS which I managed to find in Advanced-Chipset. When I disabled this it remapped even more of my Memory, before I had 4GB usable now I have 3.24Gb which I think is the magic number 32Bit use.

Here is a picture.
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  2. Clear CMOS and see.
  3. The back of my machine has a clear CMOS but I would like to know what I'm really doing, before I go pressing buttons.
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  5. -Cleared CMOS, thus reseting the Memory Remapping feature which specifies below it to allocate 3.368gb-4gb of memory to PCI hardware.

    It is still stealing 4gb but better then having it on where it steals 4.87GB which is far too much. I would like to at least see 6 gigs of my system I can fill up 4GB on occasion.
  6. -bump , Would love to have full usage of my 8gb.

    The sticks are running on Single channel due to 4x on 4DIMM's but not sure if this is a factor.
  7. Found another tip to lower the Page file usage from 4gb to 1Gb now, but it still is eating up 4gb of my memory.
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  9. contact asus sounds like some kind of bios/memory issue.

    have you tried 2 or 3 sticks? are you overclocking the memory?
  10. Just tried 2 and 3 sticks and went and looked on Asus.

    1 Stick: 2Gb Installed and all 2GB was usable
    2 Sticks: 4Gb Installed and only 2Gb was usable
    3 Sticks: 6Gb installed and only 4Gb was Usable
    4Sticks: 8Gb installed and only 4Gb was usable

    Went on Asus and it explained something about how the Motherboard reserved memory for its various parts and PCI-Express cards etc, but that doesn't explain why it sucks less memory when I have 1-3 Sticks installed and more then I have 4 sticks installed.. Then I read an article about older chipsets the 915G being limited to 4GB of usable Memory but still doesn't link up.
  11. Alright so far so good, I noticed DIMM_B1 was a bit loose and had problems clicking in so I swapped it with DIMM_B2 and It looks good all 8Gb are showing up now as usable. =D
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