Need help - data corruption persistent

ok so, long story short this is my first build, had been working on it earlier in the year, finally finished towards the end of the year, etc. maybe a slight bit ambitious for my first build but i thought i had a handle on things. here's pretty much full specs just in case :

msi p55-gd85
4gb of corsair dom (1600)
tuniq tower
his icoolerv 5830
crucial realssd c300 (64 gb)
500gb western digi caviar black
sony dvd/cd
win7 professional oem
viewsonic 24' 1080
logitech g110
razer deathadder 3500
antec 900

so. after finally piecing the thing together, ran into some buggy issues with my first install, thought maybe my ssd was borked. the other thing at play here is that i was running the SSD in sata 6 gbps, because it's a sata 6 friendly board. anyway after some fiddling i got windows up and running, everything seemed fine. good solid week or two of gaming, general use, etc. then things took a turn for the worse. i waited on the midnight release for black ops, copped the pc version, took it home and installed. or tried anyway, it failed. off the disk O_o. more than once. tried it again, eventually got it cracking (again with some fiddling about), ok we're good. more successful operation then a couple days later, boom files are corrupting left and right. steam files, other program files, mostly just the steam files but google chrome, plugins etc. i figure something has to be making bad writes, maybe it's the SSD after all.

so i copy salvageable necessary files to a stick and unplug the ssd. just pull it out, then format my 'storage drive' the western digital and reload windows onto that. just as an experiment. everything seems to work fine (much more smoothly this time), i get like 3 more solid weeks. then the EXACT SAME *** starts happening again. more rampant broken files. i ragequit the computer because i'm a ball of stress with more pressing issues in my life at the moment but i can't just keep staring at it as a huge failed investment. please be easy guys i'm new to cpu building but i'm humble.

all i really want to know is what else could it be? it's done basically that exact same thing on two different sata ports (modes even), sata cables, and drives. is this somewhere in my mobo? is it something with the updates on windows (which have also been really buggy and known to crash it)? is it cpu? one final aside; i did (like a true greenhorn) mess with the 'oc genie' feature on the board. auto overclock. it MILDLY overclocked the cpu and ram (neither was pushing any limits or generating much heat)

thanks so much,

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  1. anyone have any ideas on this? just looking for a few alternative theories to try. could it be bad parts? mobo?
  2. Have you tried the obvious, such as running MemTest86+ for at least 24 hours? The Ubuntu Linux livecd has memtest86 available. Also, try looking at the SMART data to see if that yields anything.

    Running AS SSD on your SSD will determine what storage driver you run; ideally msahci.sys. It also gives you performance data on your SSD; you may want to post that screenshot here for analysis.

    Hope you can find your issue and start having fun from your SSD; like it should be. It could be a problem with the SSD but it could also be that the SSD is not responsible; so investigate and try to rule out potential causes.

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