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I am working with classroom media at the moment, but I've been having some issues. My computer video output VGA cable is connected to an Infocus IN37EP projector, in the projector "computer 2/VGA" input. Then, there is a cable that comes out of the projector "video out" and goes back to my computer monitor, being connected through a female VGA cable, so that the "circuit" is closed and both the projector and computer monitor work.

I have had no input issues with the projector input whatsoever, but, I cannot get the computer monitor to work without the projector being turned on! Everytime I turn the projector off, my monitor dies. I know the signal must be being blocked somehow, but I've seen this being done successfully before. I've already udpated the projector to the most recent firmware but no success. How can get the computer image on my computer monitor without unplugging any cables and without a splitter?


- Gustavo Stille
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  1. Assuming your computer only has the one graphics VGA Out port (and it's not a laptop) there isn't much you can do unless:

    A) Your projector has some type of sleep mode that keeps it powered on, though the lamp is off.
    B) You can install a graphics card into your computer with multiple graphic out ports.

    -Wolf sends
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