Fan problems!

Recently my fan is really really loud and is driving me insane!
When i touch the case it doesnt feel hot at all.. When the fan started to make some noise, my fps drasticly got reduced in all my games, soo did the PC speed...

Windows 7
AMD 64 Athlon 4200+ 2.4gz
3.5gb ram
Pony 9600 GT Geforce 1gb video ram

please help me.. cant have the computer on because of the sound.. help me.. :cry:
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  1. First you have to find out what fans are making noise. CPU's fan, videocard's fan, PSU's fan,etc?
  2. Something in your system is overheating and causing it to crash.
    I would suspect the CPU as being the culprit.
    Use GPUz to track of the GPU's temps and Coretemp or Realtemp to track the CPU's temps.
    Post back you idle and load temps.
  3. i opend my computer and i barley touched the Graphic card and i litterly burned my finger, then i went for the CPU and it was ok, wasent that warm. i think its the graphic card. it has its own cooler but i think its the graphic card. any suggestions :S

    PS thx for replys
  4. I would still recommend checking the temps with the above programs.

    The GPU is designed to run HOT.
    Load temps into the upper 90's are quite normal with these chips.
    Even if the GPU is MUCH hotter than the CPU, it is not necessarily at fault.
  5. thx alot for the replys outlw, but do you recommend anything :S because i read somewhere that if the PC is too hot it might slow down performance... and what programs you talking about ?
  6. He told you: GPUz, CoreTemp and/or Realtemp.
  7. GPUz for the GPU
    Coretemp or Realtemp for the CPU
  8. GPU coreclock 650 mhz
    GPU Memory clock 900 mhz
    GPU temperature 57 C
    Fan speed 37%
  9. The GPU looks good so far.
    Perhaps try starting up a game and checking the temps under a load.
    You can either alt tab out to GPUz or enable logging to a file and check it later.
  10. Its excacly the same even with loading. im going to try the CPU now. Thx for help soo far outlw
  11. Outlw i think i know the reason now.. before i had my pc in a very very bad location. it was small and basicly the pc had no room.. now i moved it out a little and soo far no fan noices.. :) but im continueing the other thread.. thank you for all the help soo far
  12. Happy to help!

    Yeah, those under desk tower enclosures are great for hiding the computer but terrible for the temps.
    Now that it is in the cool, try some of your games again.
    Perhaps, with the lower temps, all of your issues have been resolved.
  13. my issue has been solved actually :) i feel less lagg when playing and my fps is sky high again :) thank you!
  14. Even should be careful with your temp and make sure you have a good airflow in your case.
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