Can i setup 4 HDDs in 2 raids

Hi guy dose anyone know if it is possible to setup 2x INTEL 80GB X25-M G2 SSD (160gb) in raid 0 and a 3x SAMSUNG F3 1TB 7200 SATAII HDD (3TB) in a different raid 0.
i want to do this so that i can have a fast boot up and all my apps load fast on the SSD drives and have all my music,videos and games on the hard drives
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    yes it is

    connect and set up the SSDs first. then install OS.

    after you are done connect and set up the HDDs
  2. will this show up in windows as 2 drives one as 160gb with the OS on it and the other as 3tb with nothing on it?
  3. yes it should
  4. Yes and No. It depends on how you set them up when you setup the amount to of drive space to use and strip size.

    (1) You set the size to use the full disk on both. Windows will show 2 Drives, drive 0 and drive 1. Which can be partitioned in windows
    (2) You set the SSD to use the full size, this will be drive 0. Now for the HDD. say you set up a small size, ie a couple of hundred GB (for basic files like downloads, Word proc files and other misc files that tend to be small in nature) possibly using a smaller strip size, this would become drive 1. Then Maybe splitting the remainder of the dive in half using a larger strip size. Then this would show up as drive 2, and 3. THIS IS different than taking a drive and partitioning it in windows which you can do and change the cluster size.
    -- In this case windows will show that you have 4 Disk drives, not 2. You can still partition the drives which will increase drive letters, but not nr of drives.

    Added: PS I prefer option 2 Which is what I used on my older E6400 system Which used 3 sets of Raid0 drives for Xp/Vista/Windows 7 RC
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