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I have 3 HDD that i want to set up in raid i already went in bios and set all that up i have a ASUS M4A88TD-V EVO/USB3 AM3 AMD 880G SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 HDMI ATX AMD Motherboard. My problem is that they are unformatted and i want to run them in raid all together so i went to format them in the manage computer thing and they show up as 2tb and 3tb 5.5 total i think. so i can Format the 2tb thats showing up but the 3 tb i cant do anything with.. anyone got advice? I also have 1 other question about it. if the drives are each 5400 RPM would they work together and make 16200 RPM? cause that would be very nice for how much i paid.
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  1. rpm will not incread but performance will. expect somewhere in the range of 1.6-1.9x the performance of one drive because of data being processed through a raid controller performance is never quite 2x. no idea where the 16200 number came from.

    capacity stated on hdd packaging always appears to be greater than what windows will show you. Two different systems of measuring are used so this is normal.

    To answer your other question we need more information.

    what is the capacity/speed of said drives?
    where do you have your OS installed? (4th hdd?)
    did you do anything at startup in the raid menu?
    is this raid 0 to be used for your boot drive or data storage only?

    almost sounds like you either have windows installed on the raid... and the 3rd drive was set up as a slave (normal drive). in this case a right click wouldnt allow you to format the drive I believe.

    Or... could be that the raid array isnt set up correctly. did all 3 drives show up in the raid manager at startup? i know my asus board includes a very nice utility for this.

    ....side note: wouldnt hurt to read a little more on raid as well. plenty of info can be found by doing a search :)
  2. To answer all you questions here you go:
    The capacity of each 3 drives are 2 tb each. and the speed is 5400 rpm.

    I have my OS W7 x64 installed on a 500gb internal drive and my case has exteranl drive bays so i ahve it plugged in that way.

    Yes i setup the raid and named it R0 for Raid 0 and it shows up in the raid menu as 6TB raid 0

    it will be used for my data drives.

    and for your side note-
    I have read a ton on Raid also my dad is the top IT pro at his job where he is a contractor( im 15). So i am good on that and so is he. If you have anything to help after i answered those questions please respond :)
    Thank you
  3. You may run into another issue. Windows can't create MBR drives larger than 2.19TB. You may need to partition the raid volume into three 2TB volumes.

    It may be better to just use the 3 drives as stand alones.
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