Phenom 2 955 BE Cool n Quiet

I have a question on the Phenom 2 955 BE 3.2ghz.
How does the Cool n Quiet work.
Does it affect the system speed at all.
What about gaming.

Thanks for the help.
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  1. Cool n Quiet works by adjusting clock speed to CPU load, so 800MHz when idle, and 3.2GHz at high load.
  2. But when gaming will it run at 3.2 or should I just disable the whole thing??
  3. it should run at 3.2GHZ.
  4. Does anyone have this?
  5. How can i check if it is running at 3.2 while gaming
  6. using CPU-Z.
  7. oh thanks
  8. I've ordered one, but don't have it yet.

    But when Cool'n'Quiet kicks in it should reduce it down to 800MHz and the voltage to 0.96V, and when put under load (i.e. gaming) it'll go back up to normal speed.

    Hope I notice the difference upgrading from a Sempron 3100+ with 1GB to a PhenomII X4 955 with 8GB ;)
  9. I think you should other wise you'll see it is on fire. :lol:
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