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I've recently bought an Benq G2220HDA lcd and I have a huge problem: it doesnt recive any signal from my Gainward GeForce 9800GT bliss 1gb.I tryed on built-in motherboard video card and it works and on other pc-s as well. It has d-sub/vga coupling only so I'm using an DVI to d-sub adaptor . I cant figure out whats the problem :cry: ! Any help will be apreciated!!! Thanx. :wahoo:

System configuration:
Asus P5L-MX motherboard
Intel core 2 duo E6300
Gainward GeForce 9800GT bliss 1gb
2 gb A-data DDR2 667 mhz memory
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  1. I reckon this is NOT a new build and you previously had a functioning monitor. So what connection did your old monitor use? Was it DVI ? If yes and you now use the same cable , then it's the adaptor. Make sure you use the same cable and the same outlet of GFX card. Try the adaptor on another PC if possible. OR try another adaptor on this PC.
    If no, does it lose the signal only when booting into windows, or there's no signal at all?
    The 1st possibility: old monitor's driver conflicting with the new one. Solution: boot in safe mode and uninstall the drivers of monitor and GFX card.
    The 2nd possibility: A faulty monitor or GFX card should be excluded by trying them on another PD, if possible.
  2. the monitor works fine on other pc'' brand new.The graphic card has only dvi interface but I used an adaptor from dvi to dsub analog because this lcd and my previous monitor had both dsub only(and it worked/s fine).....! The monitor has no signal at all on this card. I think it doesnt want to convert the signal right from digital to analog or whatever . :(
  3. still no one? :(
  4. Is the OS trying to put the monitor to a resolution/frequency that it cannot handle?
  5. no :) its not the operating lcd doesnt get any signal at shuld at least show the intro messages with bios and bla bla bla...but it doesnt ..the video card is fine and the lcd is fine but they just dont love each other :))) ... doesnt work with the adaptor..I'm not even shure what the issue is.. :??:
  6. It's odd...Hmm..Try the cable that came with the new monitor. And if it came with a new adaptor as well, use it. Try to use the other DVI output of the GFX card. Try the other adaptor that came with the card. Try another cable...
    I know this sounds silly, but I have to say double check the power cable to your monitor and the power cable (PCI-E cable of your PSU) of the card. Try using another PCI-E plug if available.
    If possible, try both the card and the monitor on another PC simultaneously. If no good, they do hate each other! Try updating the graphics card bios.
  7. I tryed all of these situations but no luck.I'll try using 2 monitors and to see from windows on the working monitor if the other one works.... :( meanwhile, any more ideeas?
  8. Are you telling me you've already updated the graphics card bios?
    See if you can update the monitor's firmware
  9. no , and I dont think its needed to do such a risky thing :) . I believe there is a solution and I will find it in a way or another.. but I prefer sooner so XD .
    Thanx a lot for your ideea man !
    So is noone who had a similar problem ? :|
  10. When you tried the monitor on a different computer which cable did you use?
    Possibly the cable is causing the problem.
  11. another one....but the cable is fine..I'm running the monitor on my computer but on the integrated graphics (mainboard) ,every piece of the "puzzle":)) works,but not in GF9800GT - LCD combination. They just hate me...I'll probably solve my problem but God knows when.It seems that noone had the same problem like mine now. Thanx 4 opinion :) mate . I apreciate it.
  12. Ok I tested it in dual display and the computer sees my LCD withouth any problem,like its working but the monitor is the one who saiys No signal detected. So everything works but the LCD is the one who doesnt get the signal through the dvi-dsub adaptor. Now what ? :(
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