Anyone know where i can get this case?

NZXT Guardian Inferno Gaming Chassis, its just the same as the guardian 921 but has flames on it... only one i can find is with a package on tigerdirect... i want this case so bad its not funny but i cant find a site that carries this inferno model just the regular guardian 921 PLEASE HELP!!!!!
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  1. It looks like it's an iBuyPower exclusive. See The first paragraph says "Both versions have a NZXT Guardian Inferno 921 chassis with a unique full-chassis flame paint job." You can buy the same chassis and get it customized.
  2. got ya, so i guess ill either buy the case from ibuypower and have them customized or get it and send it to them to do this paint job.. that case looks badass! or might jsut get the nemesis and leave it as is either one is sweet!!!
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