Can dlink router be fixed to stop dropping

I have a dlink dir 615 and its always dropping. Says im connected but can't get on internet. it seems to be changing the ip address from 192*** to 169***. unplugging it to reset is a pain and doesn't always work right away. I never have trouble getting on and staying on my neighbors unsecured network. (Linksys) Im on it now. Shhhh! hope he doesn't set up his security. does any one know how to fix this or did i waste my money on a piece of caaaarrrraaaap!
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  1. I suspect that the IP address change is actually at your computer because it's unable to connect to the router.

    I would investigate different channels -- and maybe your neighbour's wifi is interfering with yours.

    First select the strongest channel -- they vary according to environment -- hopefully select one which is 5 stops away from your neighbour's channel.

    Relocate cordless phone base, video sender away from computer or router.
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