Does overclocking make a difference in gaming?

I'm waiting on the new sandy bridge intel i5 2500k to be re-release and I was wondering if overclocking it from 3.3ghz to 4.2ghz would make a difference in gaming? If so by how much of a increase in fps? I mean if it's only like 5fps to me it's not worth overclocking. Especially if your already getting 60fps while gaming. If the fps increase is like 25fps or more then yeah it's worth it depending on if i was only getting like 25-30fps. But let's say if i did have the i5 2500k that's clocked at 3.3ghz is it worth overclocking to 4ghz? My current graphics card is the GTX 580.
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  1. Sure will do, but the FPS depends mostly of GPU and not CPU.
  2. There are many different contributing factors but the definitive answer is yes, absolutely.

    If you have a strong GPU and a weaker CPU, this is where you see the most benefit in overclocking as overclocking will allow the CPU to get more closer to the performance level of the strong GPU.

    If you have the best CPU out there (2600K) then you could overclock for some nice gains as it is a VERY nice overclocking CPU.
  3. Overclocking gains depend greatly on the game. If a game is GPU-limited then overclocking the CPU won't do anything. If it's CPU-limited, then you'll see some gain.

    In a recent article on this site, they determined that the majority of games didn't improve at all once you had enough horsepower to run the game.

  4. WoW also loves high frequency CPUs.
  5. saint19 said:
    WoW also loves high frequency CPUs.

    Agreed, WOW loves higher clocks on the CPU. got GREAT results with both my Q6600 from 2.4 to 3.6 AND my 2600K from 3.4 to 4.5!
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  7. Like how big of a difference in fps? I never overclocked a cpu before but i wanna try it with the new sandy bridge since they run cooler then other cpu's.
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